Use and introduction of silicate board
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在链状结构硅酸盐矿物中,由于硅氧骨干呈一向延伸的链,而且平行分布,所以其晶体结构的异向性比岛状和环状的要突出得多。 The silicate plate in the chain-shaped silicate mineral, because the siloxane backbone is a chain that extends all the time and is distributed in parallel, the anisotropy of its crystal structure is much more prominent than the island-shaped and ring-shaped. Minerals are always elongating in morphology, often in the shape of columns, needles, and fibers.


In terms of physical properties, the direction of cleavage parallel to the chain is more developed, the refractive index of the parallel or near-parallel chain is higher, the direction perpendicular to the chain is lower, and the birefringence is larger than that of the island-like or cyclic mineral. The polychromaticity and absorptivity of minerals with transition elements in the chemical composition are very obvious, such as the pyroxene and amphibole minerals rich in elements such as iron and titanium.

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