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The main raw materials of silicate tube

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复合硅酸盐管 ,是供水管道保温隔热的好选择。 The composite silicate pipe processed with natural materials such as magnesium silicate, chemical additives and high-temperature binders is a good choice for heat insulation of water supply pipes. Its thermal conductivity is low, and the silicate tube required under the same thermal insulation effect is thinner, which can save materials and space, and does not affect the normal use of water supply pipelines. And it has a wide range of operating temperature, which can be used safely in any region, and is rarely affected by external temperature.



The composite silicate pipe itself is non-toxic and pollution-free, and it does not cause irritation and harm to the human body. When it is used in the thermal insulation project of drinking water supply pipes, there is no need to worry about it generating harmful substances to pollute water resources. In addition, it has good adhesion and is not easy to fall off, which can reduce daily inspection and maintenance without worrying about quality problems.

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