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What are the advantages of silicate tubes?

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的基料是硅酸镁,在生产过程中会加入一定的添加剂和粘结剂,经过烘干、定型等处理最终制成管状的保温材料。 The base material of the silicate tube is magnesium silicate. Certain additives and binders will be added during the production process. After drying, shaping and other treatments, it will finally be made into a tubular insulation material. The main advantages of the product are: First, the silicate tube does not require much outer protective material.



In this way, the cost of materials is greatly reduced, and the finished product is more affordable. Secondly, it has strong adaptability and can be applied to a variety of equipment products. In addition, it is not very sensitive to temperature changes, and both hot and cold construction can be performed well. Finally, this product is not harmful to the human body and is a very safe material.

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