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Three benefits of composite silicate board

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是一种新型的保温材料,该产品使用优质的天然矿物硅酸镁组成,添加化学添加剂与高温粘接剂,经过制浆、入模、定型、烘干、成品、包装等工艺制造而成。 Composite silicate board is a new type of thermal insulation material. The product uses high-quality natural mineral magnesium silicate, adds chemical additives and high-temperature adhesives, and undergoes pulping, molding, shaping, drying, finished products, packaging, etc. Made by process.

One of the advantages of composite silicate board is that it has a longer service life and can achieve the purpose of long-term use, thereby reducing the loss of funds for us.


The second advantage is that it does not degrade. There is no need to worry about deterioration during use, so naturally it does not need to be replaced frequently, which can bring us more convenience.

The third benefit is that it is non-toxic and tasteless. This meets the requirements of environmental protection, so it naturally meets the public's choice. It can be said that it is harmless to all aspects of our health, and naturally can be widely developed.

The fourth advantage is that the constitution is lighter, and it will be more convenient to use and more easily recognized by the public.

Composite silicate board has unique properties, so it is widely used in various industries. For example, it can be used not only in the hot and cold insulation industries such as heating, heating, and refrigeration, but also in places such as air conditioning and electricity. At the same time, we can also see it in the chemical and petrochemical construction industries.

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