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What are the materials of silicate tube

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在加工的时候,选择的原材料是非常多的。 When processing silicate pipes , there are many raw materials to choose from. For the composite silicate pipe, it belongs to a new type of thermal insulation material, and its performance is also very obvious in the process of use. Compared with other high temperature resistant materials, it has the characteristics of moisture resistance and deformation resistance. And for some buildings, whether it is placed outside or inside the building, it can play a good role in heat insulation and sound insulation. In addition, it is very simple to install. Overall, it is cost-effective and From the appearance point of view, it is also ideal.


硅酸盐管 的时候,一定要弄清楚它的作用范围。 When we understand the silicate tube , we must figure out its scope of action. In fact, for its range of use, it is mainly used to play a thermal insulation effect. For its processing flow, from the perspective of the choice of processing raw materials, it is also based on high-temperature adhesives. Therefore, during processing, the performance of this product is very stable, and for its new processing technology, It is said that it has also undergone reforms, so that it has the characteristics of resistance to pressure and high temperature and corrosion, and it can also exhibit antistatic effects.

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