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Classification of composite silicate board

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Composite silicate board is a material that can play a role in heat insulation. It is used very frequently in the construction industry and so on, which has brought a lot of assistance to our lives. Therefore, in normal hours, we need to learn more about this material, such as Say the need to understand the different classifications and what are the characteristics.


The classification of composite silicate boards is mainly divided into two categories. The first category is waterproof. Its main feature is that it can play a good role in waterproofing, even if it is used in water, it will not be too much. There is no need to worry about the emergence of some conditions such as flooding. There will be no impact on the data.

的第二类即是普通型,普通型也即是不能起到防水的作用,可是多多少少也不会遭到太大的影响,毕竟是在建筑行业运用,其特点是能够起到防火、防震等作用,并且在运用的进程傍边能够达到吸音的作用,所以天然也就得到了群众的认可和关注。 The second type of composite silicate board is the ordinary type, which does not have the function of waterproofing, but it will not be affected too much, after all, it is used in the construction industry. Its characteristics are It can play a role of fire prevention, earthquake prevention, etc., and can achieve the role of sound absorption in the process of use, so naturally it has been recognized and concerned by the masses.

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