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Product introduction of composite silicate hard thermal insulation board

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China can be said to have developed rapidly in these decades, and has also achieved China's speed, which has made us a leap from a poor and backward country to one of the world's superpowers. However, for this rapid development, we also paid a great price. That is to consume a lot of resources and energy. We know that it takes thousands of years for nature to produce coal and oil resources. Once depleted, humanity will face great disaster.


Therefore, all our production activities and lives now must adhere to the concept of energy saving. Every winter, there are many coal resources needed for heating in northern cities in China. However, due to the poor thermal insulation effect of houses, the heating efficiency is very low, so a lot of resources are wasted. Therefore, strengthening the thermal insulation effect of a house is an important energy saving measure. Composite silicate is a newly developed material mainly used for wall insulation. Therefore, if we all install composite silicate insulation boards outside the house walls, we can save a lot of resources. The emergence of composite silicates has indeed helped us tremendously.

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