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Why can composite silicate keep warm?

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As a new type of thermal insulation material, compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, composite silicates have absolute advantages that are difficult to match. One of the highlights is the outstanding performance in thermal insulation. So, what is the principle of composite silicate insulation work?


本身由矿物质融合化学制剂,经由特殊的加工技艺制作而成,它有极强的耐热抗寒力。 The composite silicate itself is made of mineral fusion chemical preparation through special processing techniques. It has strong heat resistance and cold resistance. Its thermal insulation performance can be well achieved in a wide temperature difference range. The excellent performance of composite silicates that reduces heat transfer makes it replace the traditional insulation materials and become the best new generation of hot insulation materials.

The closed pore structure of the composite silicate is tight, and the reticular fibrous structure formed by them is another "magic weapon" for achieving thermal insulation efficiency. This kind of structure has very strong stability, which can tightly and tightly isolate the transmission of temperature. Therefore, it can exclude the hot high temperature in the summer high temperature season, and block the low temperature invasion in the cold low temperature, which is an excellent thermal insulation. material.

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