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Structure and performance characteristics of composite silicate board

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As the name suggests, the composite silicate board is made of various silicates as the main material and foamed by a specific process. It needs to be dried after pulping. Some are similar to papermaking. The finished product has a lightweight and porous structure. Due to the ideal heat insulation and fire resistance, it is a commonly used insulation material.

As long as the composite silicate board is qualified and the processing technology is standardized, the product's fire resistance can reach Grade A, which can meet the requirements of building exterior wall insulation. Compared with other thermal insulation materials of the same type, the thermal conductivity of silicate board is smaller, and it can obtain better thermal insulation effect when the construction thickness is equivalent, and it is easier to be constructed because it is safe, non-toxic and easy to construct Personnel accepted.


When using composite silicate boards to build an external wall insulation system, special attention should be paid to gradual changes to avoid cracks. This material can be used not only for exterior walls, but also for roofs. It not only has a thermal insulation effect, but also has a good thermal insulation effect in summer. If necessary, it can also be used for floor insulation in northern home decoration. This material can be combined with a variety of materials, and has good compatibility and adhesion. In addition to general construction projects, it is also suitable for pipelines and bridges.

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